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web based scheduling and management for recreational sports leagues

Enabling full automation of sports league administration...

Are you still doing things the old way?
Getting tired spending hours of staff time every week... re-arranging schedules, calculating stats, and updating HTML pages with game results? Don't forget making all those contacts (reaching people can be half the battle). What if all these tasks could be done for you?

After all, who doesn't have a web connection these days?

Imagine being able to make a schedule change with a few clicks. Team captains, alternates, and refs are notified automatically with an email message... Or entering simple final scores into a web form and having the online standings automatically updated... Or having access to rosters, contact information, and team and player payments and balances at your tips at all times.

Ever completed a season schedule within a few days of the season start date?

No problem... simply direct members to the web site from your voice mail system, (for incoming inquiries), and email out schedules to everyone in the league with one click!

No more time-consuming hand calculations and HTML.
Updating game results faster than ever before. Just pull up a page with all games for a specified date range, and enter the score for each team. The system does the rest, tracking cumulative Games Played, Scoring, and Points.

Free up even more staff time by allowing team captains or coaches to enter their individual player stats. With their captain's login an any web connection, they simply enter the various player data that they want to track. Before saving, the system checks the totals against the game totals entered by the league.

No software to download or install. is much more advanced than the available out-of-the-box scheduling and stats programs. Our ASP (Application Service Provider) model means that all software and databases are hosted on our own high-end servers at our data center.

All league set-up and administration is performed over the web, and all changes immediately update the data available on your league web site, and an unlimited number of administrators and officials may be working on the system at any given time from different locations.

See a full comparision of vs. locally installed software here.

Click here for a full a list of the features available with™.

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