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  web based scheduling and management for recreational sports leagues

Enabling full automation of sports league administration...

Create schedules
Schedule games manually or through the Scheduling Assistant. At this point, your venues and their associated time slots have already been entered. Each division may have restrictions on days and times for play. After running the Schedule Assistant, games may easily be moved around, or new teams added as needed.

Email schedules
When schedules are complete, they can be emailed to the entire league within seconds. If a schedule changes, the new schedule can be emailed only to the teams affected.

Hard copies of schedules may also be printed for offline mailing and distributing.

Update game results
League staff can quickly update multiple game results at once. Choose a date range and all games are displayed on one page. Simply enter the score for each team and the system does the rest. No more time-consuming HTML coding and hand calculations.

Free up even more time by allowing team captains to enter their individual player stats. With their captain's login an any web connection, they simply enter the various player data that they want to track. Before saving, the system checks the totals against the game totals entered by the league.

Members can get detailed and accurate reports 24/7
With a much more efficient means of entering game results, league members benefit from access to up-to-date information any time they want it. Even if you already post standings to your web site, there have probably been times when the information becomes several weeks, or more, behind. This can be frustrating to members and eliminating this problem will add value to your league and reduce member complaints and inquiries.

Customized pages appear to be part of your site
When configuring your league account, you have the option to supply league logos (in two sizes), and specify various fonts, text colors, and background colors. All reports pages now have the look and feel of your site. You may use frames, or not, and links back to your site are on all pages.

For leagues with no existing web site, users may access online reports through a special extension of the™ site set up with your league's name, and or logos. Your URL would be

Schedule officlals
Email schedules to referees or other game officials and let them bid on games, or assign refs to games and send their schedule. Admin reports allow league staff to quickly notice problem spots in the referee schedule and make adjustments. Referees may also be sent automatic reminders by the system for each game, including date, time, venue, and player suspensions.

Online registration New!
Optionally, you may allow teams and individual players to register online. The applicant fills out a web based form with all the required information, agrees to terms, and submits. League receives an email copy for their records, and the applicant's information is already in the database.

Track both individual and team payments
If you choose to use the optional payment tracking feature, reports can easily be generated telling you exactly who owes what on any given date. Payment notices can be emailed right from the report, or hard copies may be printed for mailing when required.

Contact management
Ever need to reach someone involved with the league while not in the office? Now, the entire database of players, captains, officials, and scorekeepers is at your fingertips anywhere you have a web connection. League administrators can access all data, team captains can access all data for their team, and players can choose whether or not to allow other players to see their contact information.

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