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  web based scheduling and management for recreational sports leagues

Enabling full automation of sports league administration...

What is™? provides an outsourced software solution for administration and management of recreational sports leagues.

Who is for?
The service can be integrated with existing web sites to provide back-end data management, or as a stand-alone system for leagues that do not have a web site but want to allow members to access schedules, results, and statistics online.

How does it work?
For leagues with established web sites, links are created on the site for schedules, standings, stats, and other information that changes frequently. League administrators and team representatives then update results via online forms. Reports are generated with custom colors, fonts, and logos so that users feel as though they are on the leagues site the whole time.

For leagues without a web site, members can access all of the same features through a special link to the league's pages on the site.

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