web based scheduling and management for recreational sports leagues

Enabling full automation of sports league administration...


SportsSchedules.net™ are web database integration experts. We understand the fine details of database design and network availability and performance. By developing a systems that will be used by thousands of sports leagues across the country, we are able to offer a much more feature-rich system, and do it for far less than could be achieved in-house.

Hardware/Software platform
SportsSchedules.net™ runs on two dedicated, high-end, multiprocessor NT servers. One server handles the web interface, while the other acts as a database server (running SQL Server 7) and back-up web server. This configuration is capable of handling millions of requests and database inquiries every day.

Several months and countless man hours go into the continuing development of the SportsSchedules.net™ proprietary software. As a small company, we are capable of responding quickly to requests for new features and enhancements.

Your schedules, standings, and stats pages will always be available and users will always get high speed access to all data. Our servers are maintained at a data center with triple-redundant direct internet connections and staffed 24/7. Daily backups are made of all databases.

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