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web based scheduling and management for recreational sports leagues
Enabling full automation of sports league administration...

Why is the ASP model ideal for sports scheduling software?

No software to download or install.
By hosting the application scripts and databases on our servers, there is no need to download anything to your computer or spend time installing and configuring. Further there is no concern about compatibility issues or the resources available on your machine.

Updates data on league web-site instantly.
Out-of-the-box scheduling and statistics software is designed to work on a single computer and will not post schedules, results, standings, and stats to your league web site. This means that if you want league members to have online access to the data, you will need to double-enter everything. If you want them to have up-to-date information, you will be spending a great deal of time every day updating HTML pages.

The system is created with league web sites in mind. When you create schedules they are instantly published to the web site and can also be emailed to the entire league with a few clicks. When game results are entered, they are immediately accessible online, and standings and stats are automatically updated.

New features and upgrades added transparently.
When buying software in a box, you get what you get. Upgrades, if they occur, are far apart and require re-installation time and expense. Worse, you may find out after purchasing that the features you need are not available or even that the software will not work for your intended purpose, and there are no updates on the horizon.

With our application located on our servers, our staff is able to add new features, enhancements, fixes, and even customizations on a daily basis. Your service is continually being improved in the background as you use it.

True multi-user environment.
Most out-of-the-box software can be used by one person at a time on one computer. With, an unlimited number of league administrators, officials and team captains may be making updates simultaneously, all from different locations.

Complete league administration features.
Most pre-packaged software focuses on only on or two of the many administrative functions associated with managing a sports league. For example, some products may be good at creating schedules but don't include statistics tracking, and others, while good for stats, may not have modules for scheduling, payments, player suspensions, officials, communications, ect... that are all part of running your league. is desinged to be a complete management tool for league administrators and we will continue to add the features most important to our clients.

Click here for an online demo of many of the features.

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