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web based scheduling and management for recreational sports leagues

Enabling full automation of sports league administration...

Integrating with your web site is designed to be used as a back-end tool for managing your league and automatically posting important information to the web. It is our belief that leagues should have full creative freedom for designing their sites, and are not restricted to "cookie-cutter" templates.

Integrating with your site is as easy as creating special links from your pages for items such as schedules, game results, standings, stats, and reports. As an option, a link to a login page may be established to enable access to certain areas not available to the public. The links can be simple text links, or buttons to match other buttons on your site and can be part of a Frame Set or used without frames.

We recommend using a simple frames page to allow easy navigation and quick jumps to anywhere in the system. Many sites are already set up with frames, so changing/adding links is all that is required. A frame set also has the added benefit of maintaining your domain name on the users browser command line throughout the session. When configured properly, the pages generated for your site will have matching background colors, text colors, and fonts, and will appear as part of your site.

Note: you must be logged in to use the tag generators below. If you are not logged in, login here, and then come back to this page.

Creating links from your site

Links for Frames users (recommended)

Most frames page have a "Contents" frame, containing a menu of links, and a "Main" page where the content pages are displayed. Enter the frame name of your Main frame (where you want the results to be displayed) in the field below and click the button to generate your tag. The tags will be for a text link, and the text between the tags can be replaced with an image of your choice. Insert the link into your Contents frame.

Links for No-Frames sites
Use this form to generate your tags if you will not be using a frames page. The "Home" link on all generated pages will bring users back to your main site (this link is configurable in the league profile under Main URL).

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